Recently Sold Out Ethereum Based ICOs

Metahash, Blockcloud and DXChain: Recent Competitors.

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Recently Sold Out Ethereum Based ICOs

The Importance of Past Ethereum Based ICOs

The world of ICOs is a tricky platform to navigate. Where investment goes, the increased level of difficulty immediately follows. It is essential, therefore, that one learns from their mistakes (or in this case the mistakes of former ICOs) so as to not invest in similar failed ventures repeatedly. On the other hand, some ICOs could also serve as role models on the basis of which one could conduct future investments. The following ICOs no longer have an ongoing token sale, however, they serve as great examples of ICOs on the basis of which one should conduct their future investments. Moreover, one should still support an create a certain level of hype for ICOs that one believes are working for a cause one is mentally invested in. 

Blockcloud, Its Tokensell, Hype Factor, Team Analysis and Token Economics

The first ICO that has recently ended their token sale is one that goes by the name of Blockcloud. It wants to create an incentive driven protocol for the Internet of Things services by using a service-centric networking architecture. A service-centric networking architecture focuses on executing service components across a distributed network, routing client requests from IoT devices while maintaining network throughput and scalability. When it comes to their hype, Blockcloud has created a lot of awareness in the market. It has 27,000 users in the telegram channel with high user engagement institutional investors that include Genesis Capital, Neoglobal Capital, MW Partners, and BlockVC. Retail investors are having difficulty entering the Blockcloud crowd cell increasing the project’s unmet demand. This plays into the notion of scarcity and increases the perceived value of Blockcloud tokens. This ICO also shows up four times on the top seven ICOs on Twitter. When it comes to their team, it is a large 12-man group with fifteen project advisors including Roger Lim of Neo Global Capital and Won Soon Lee who served as the economic advisor during the first term of the Obama administration. However, the ICO’s blockchain experience seems to be lacking. The CEO, Mr. Zhongxing Ming, is a CTO of the parent company behind this ICO which he co-founded with six and a half a million dollars. Shu Yang, the Chairman, is currently serving as a CEO for the parent company and has published over ten academic papers, holding a Ph.D. from Tsinghua University. Moving on to their token economics, their circulating supply is 20% according to ICO drops. It could have been better to see more tokens go to the crowd sell. On the other hand, the hard cap is set at 15 million dollars which is actually very fair for what they want to do. Overall, it is a Chinese ICO and the project’s parent company has generated approximately 15 million dollars in annual revenue which could help them along pretty well. However, on the negative side, three things stand out. They have a very weak roadmap. The test net won’t be available until the second quarter of 2019. It does not make sense for them to be holding the crowd sell so early. Moreover, the team have industry expertise but don’t have direct blockchain experience and that is not going to cut it in the current market if they haven’t got an MVP or prototype or are indeed testing it. Thirdly, the circulating supply at 20% is not that advantageous and raises concerns over price dumping if pre-sell investors don’t have their tokens locked up

DX Chain, Its Tokensell, Hype Factor, Team Analysis and Token Economics

Another ICO that was quickly gaining a lot of hype recently was one that goes by the name of DX chain. The name is quite memorable as it stands out in their current marketplace. It aims to create a big data and machine learning blockchain. The project uses a chain on chain architecture which includes one master chain into side chains to augment data mining algorithms and that is built on top of its ecosystem. So it’s a blockchain ICO just like Emotiq. When it comes to the hype, DX chain has below-average awareness in Western markets. The project’s telegram group is, unfortunately, issuing air drops which actually undermine the longevity of its token. It currently has 40,000 telegram users which are an inflated number due to their airdrop. Moreover, they have a world-class team. It is a strong 10 man group based in San Francisco with Kevin Hsu who is a founder of BlockVC and Leo Wang, founding partner of PreAngel. For the co-founder, we have Allan Zhang who worked at Nokia for 4 years and is currently the CEO of TrustLook which develops AI based security products and the second co-founder, Mr. Li who worked as a blockchain scientist at AT&T for one and a half years. When it comes to the token economics they are better along than the others yet one doesn’t know what bonuses have been given away to private cell investors or presale investors and what the lock-up periods are on those tokens so one has got to be aware of price times. One needs to factor that in with one’s research. Their Ethereum hard cap is known, however, to be set at 36,000 ether with a 30% circulating supply. Upon critical analysis, one finds quite a few advantages and limitations associated with this particular venture. DX chain’s MVP was actually due for release at the end of July – despite the project’s poorly designed website and horrendous logo, its value proposition actually taps into prevalent ideas about privacy and data ownership that the media are going on about in the West and that is something to be very aware of. It has a bright future ahead of it if it can gain the traction and support of TrustLook’s clientele which includes Huawei Oppo and Qualcomm among others. Moreover, it also has a strong token use case in my opinion. Users are provided with tokens for providing computational resources which are then required for running DAPs on top of the platform while miners are compensated for authenticating results and reducing the prevalence of false information. On the other hand, the limitations include the project’s consensus mechanism proof of space-time uses an untested algorithm to guard against a 51% attack from bad actors. Experienced investors are likely to be skeptical and most likely will wait until the ICO has actually launched this MVP and gathered greater momentum in the crypto community and marketplace before they actually invest. Finally, the core team members are only diversified in other projects including the co-founder who’s still working at TrustLook. 

Metahash, Its Tokensell, Hype Factor, Team Analysis and Token Economics

Another up and coming ICO is one that goes by the name of MetaHash. MetaHash wants to create a synchronized network for decentralized applications. What they want to accomplish is actually quite generic and if an ICO wants to do more than one thing, although that is not a red flag per se, it is something to take note of and something to be cautious about. what it produces is merely a win for their white paper. Upon going through their website one finds merely a bunch of gibberish instead of set ideas and plans. When it comes to their hype in the market, the first thing one notices is that it has a very inflated telegram channel due to air drops which is not really that great of a thing. Secondly, there is a big problem with the crowd sell itself. Prolonged crowd sells signify a lack of potential investors and one can not really see any unmet demand for this project at the moment. When it comes to their team, their CEO is a founder of AdSniper which was created in 2011. It is an automated ad placement system  which, surprisingly enough actually, has an Alexa rank of 3880 in mainland China and 44,000 globally. The CTO is also holding the same position in AdSniper. However, when it comes to their token economics, they contain several irregularities. It seems to contain a dynamic hard cap tied to market conditions. It is set at thirty-six million dollars with 12 percent of tokens distributed to ICO participants which shows that there are too many irregularities to like this ICO and this is something that one should probably stay away from

It is advisable for one to conduct their own research regarding ICOs and their limitations or advantages as the internet is not a good financial adviser when it comes to how one should handle their money, however, a quick overview of the way an ICO works, its token economics and its white papers is a good dive into what the ICO stands for. Keeping all that in mind, it is essentially up to one’s own self whether they choose to invest in an ICO or not. Research, analyze and approach with caution. The world of ICOs is your own playing field and whatever way you choose to venture out in it, make sure you are fully equipped and motivated before doing so.

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