The DIW Token ICO & Hybridblock ICO

Benefits of investing in DIW Token and Hybrid Block.

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The DIW Token ICO & Hybridblock ICO

An ICO one should keep their eyes on that recently finished its tokensell is the DIW Token. The DIW Token wants to create a decentralized security platform that encrypts sensitive information and data. This is another one of those ICOs that harbor a very good idea in principle and something that looks very good on paper but its practical applicability and the fundamentals it is based on are very crooked. Unlike Obizcoin, which had a lower hard cap, this project has many issues related to its own hard cap. DIW Token’s hard cap reaches up to $58 million and considering the current conditions of the economy and also based on the goals that they are trying to achieve keeping their team members in mind, it is not a good project to invest in. Regardless of whether they end up destroying the tokens or not, $58 million is just too much to ask.

The main problem that DIW Token may be having is their crowd sell. They misleadingly label their public presell as a private presell. They did a private presell that went up to two or two and a half Ethereum, however, this still is a public sell as the only barrier presented was the amount of money one went in with. As far as all the information one has on it, this investment would just be a waste of money and would not really lead anywhere. Its token economics is not as good as that of Obizcoin, however, their hype and the strength of their team is quite higher compared to others.

Hybrid Block is also an ICO that has recently sprung up on public forums. It aims to create an exchange ecosystem that bridges the gap between beginner and expert day traders. Its focus is more so on the Asian market in its beginning phases. It will cater to various different sorts of traders that are looking for sophisticated and reliable trading tools. This system will contain three different kinds of products: Base Trade, HybridExchange and the HybridTerminal. Base trade is something that will be extremely easy to use. It will aim to be a sophisticated sort of cryptocurrency platform that will include a wallet and an exchange for trading. This is quite like the Coinbase platform. Its platform would act as a trampoline onto the market due to the flat funding options it proposes that are specifically tailored to each distinct country.

HybridExchange would act as the consumer platform and would try to provide sellers and buyers and access to liquidity. It will also have a full order book in the specific markets and currency pairs and will provide traders with access to the major cryptocurrency exchanges in a single interface. HybridTerminal would serve to be a desktop trading terminal that connects to HybridBlock.

In Asia, this exists as the only sensible entryway or exchange outside of Korea/Japan. The Coinbase/GDAX in Asia model is well positioned to capture the Asian demographic. If it works, then the potential is substantial as traders will relish combined liquidity. HFX is on the market as a stable coin in numerous native currencies and is audited monthly by a third party business firm. The market wants a stable coin outside of Tether and none of the alternatives are sufficiently big enough. HFX will probably accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency as a result of it being a stable coin that may be used as commerce, trading, etc.

However, the competition is fierce in the cryptocurrency exchange space from both centralized and decentralized players. HybridBlock, being a fiat gateway exchange, is dependent on local government regulation. Government regulations can speed up or slow down the exchange’s progress depending on its stance.


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