The World of CCTVs: Faceter ICO

Will Faceter ICO change the face of CCTV as we know it?

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The World of CCTVs: Faceter ICO

Another up and coming ICO is one that goes by the name of Faceter. Now the idea here gets more absurd and ridiculous than any past ICO ever. Faceter basically wants to create a blockchain enabled signal CCTV platform. So currently the technology we are using in machine designing and algorithmic learning to kind of understand human actions happens to be CCTV surveillance footage which is s very complex thing to do. Now, what Faceter essentially wants to do is take complex subject matter and makes it even more complex. It is just right up there with its absurdity. I don’t think it is going to amount to anything but I think it has got a lot of speculative value and I think a lot of people who are going to look at it would like to invest in it. This project is uninvestable for me because of the token economics. It is giving away around 50% of bonus. As some of you who invest on short term basis it looks bad to me. The team is also highly inexperienced and I think what they want to do is something they are not capable of doing. They got a lot of hype in the market though and that does get them near to a seven out of ten, however, the team and token economics pull them all the way down.

It is advisable for one to conduct their own research regarding ICOs and their limitations or advantages as the internet is not a good financial adviser when it comes to how one should handle their money, however, a quick overview of the way an ICO works, its token economics and its white papers is a good dive into what the ICO stands for.

Keeping all that in mind, it is essentially up to one’s own self whether they choose to invest in an ICO or not. Research, analyse and approach with caution. The world of ICOs is your own playing field and whatever way you choose to venture out in it, make sure you are fully equipped and motivated before doing so.